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Procedure Routines 

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Beauty routines for aesthetic procedures32


To ensure that your skin is well purified and hydrated in preparation for an aesthetic procedure, cleansing with a gentle micellar solution is recommended.

HA-based serum: Strengthen your skin and retain moisture with an HA-based serum. Specifically formulated hyaluronic acid serums provide additional long-term protection against hyperpigmentation and/or loss of firmness in mature skin.

Other HA-based skin care products such as, peels and exfoliating scrubs can be used to shed old skin cells, stimulate cell renewal and enhance the results of an aesthetic procedure by creating a more uniform skin surface.


Following aesthetic treatments that tend to cause bruising, inflammation or increased skin sensitivity, HA-based products with active ingredients that can help, diminish discolouration, reduce inflammation and calm your skin are a real bonus in your post-procedure skin care routine: they allow your skin to heal faster with fewer side effects. 

Applying HA-based serum, lip or eye contour skincare products multiple times during the day will help hydrate and reinforce your skin when these areas of the face have been treated with an aesthetic procedure. 

Fresh gel masks contain lots of moisturising and soothing agents to reduce discomfort and nourish the skin on the face and neck area.

Not only do HA-based foundations and corrective complexion creams cover bruises, redness and imperfections for a more unified tone; they also provide optimal hydration and protect the skin from UV rays.

Balms containing active ingredients such as arnica and aloe vera can be regularly applied to the irritated or sensitised area for an immediate soothing and calming effect to help nurture your skin back to it’s natural balance. 

Remember that after an aesthetic procedure, your skin is more easily prone to sun damage and burns: this can lead to unattractive skin discolouration. If you don’t properly protect your skin with a sunscreen, you may end up creating more damage than what you were initially trying to correct. Limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible, and when outdoors, protect your skin with SPF 30 or higher.


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High Coverage Corrective Foundation, High Sun Protection