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Hyaluronic Acid uses

HA injections are an attractive treatment option to address age-related changes in skin quality and appearance. Hyaluronic acid can be injected into our skin to fill and plump specific areas. 

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Hyaluronic acid injections

What do hyaluronic acid injections treat? 5,30

HA injections are an attractive treatment option to address age-related changes in skin quality and appearance. Hyaluronic acid can be injected into our skin to fill and plump specific areas. Hyaluronic acid injections are applied to:

  • reduce wrinkles
  • model cheeks
  • correct facial lines and lip shape
  • lessen the appearance of sagging
  • reduce the appearance of depressions in the skin caused by acne scars or injury
  • improve elasticity and hydration of facial, hand, neck and neckline skin


Difference HA Permanent Fillers

How are hyaluronic acid injections performed?30

  • After cleansing the injection site with an antibacterial agent, a topical anaesthetic may be used to prevent pain. In some cases, the Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler contains an anaesthetic.
  • During the injection, small amounts of HA are injected into the superficial or deep layers of our skin.
  • After the HA injection, the practitioner massages the treated areas to achieve an optimum distribution of the injected filler.
  • The procedure usually lasts less than 30 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.


How often are hyaluronic acid injections needed? 30,31

The effects of HA fillers last various lengths of time, depending on the type of the filler and the area where it is administered. However, as HA is eventually broken down and is absorbed by the body, the effects are not permanent. To achieve long-lasting results, injections should be repeated between 6 to 24 months. 


What is the recovery time from a hyaluronic acid injection? 30

Most people tolerate the injection without irritation or complications and do not require any recovery time. Immediately after treatment, the area may be red, swollen and bruised, but this subsides within a few days.

Hyaluronic acid-based beauty products

How does hyaluronic acid in cosmetic products benefit our skin?

The unique ability to hold so much water makes HA invaluable to our skin. Cosmetic products incorporate HA in order to make skin smoother, plumper, more even-toned and generally more refreshed looking.19

With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases, which contributes to the loss of moisture and elasticity in the skin and the development of wrinkles.

This may be resolved by adding HA to cosmetic products. In these products, HA functions as a humectant, which means it draws water to our skin and increases the water content of the epidermis.5,11

Hyaluronic acid’s unique moisturising and viscoelastic properties allow to soften our skin and restore its elasticity, thereby an anti-wrinkle effect is achieved.19


What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid-based products?

Besides providing intense hydration, plumping and firming our skin, Hyaluronic Acid-based products can also improve an uneven skin tone and help treat skin damaged by external factors, such as smoke and ultraviolet (UV) irradiation from the sun.19

This molecule also plays an important role in reducing oxidative damage to the skin due to both internal (the normal ageing process) and external factors.19,25

Furthermore, the newly designed formulations of cross-linked HA mentioned previously, offer noticeable improvements in skin lustre, tone, and texture when added to serums and creams.28,29What are the different hyaluronic acid-based beauty products? 

Hyaluronic acid can be formulated in various cosmetic products to plump and hydrate our skin, smoothing fine lines and softening wrinkles.32

Oral hyaluronic acid dietary supplements

Due to its viscosity and moisturising effect, HA has been marketed as a popular dietary supplement to promote skin moisture.33

While it may be tempting to try oral hyaluronic acid food supplements, large-scale studies to confirm the efficacy of this approach remain scarce.

Furthermore, there is no direct research to support claims that food contains hyaluronic acid; except for trace amounts in meat. Hyaluronic acid is not found in our diets in any appreciable amounts.34


In a nutshell…

Hyaluronic acid is of benefit when used in cosmetic products and applied topically, it can be directly injected into our skin or joints.

What are the different hyaluronic acid-based beauty products?

1. Creams

Specific day/night and eye creams are available to smooth, moisturise and tone our skin.

2. Serums

Often combined with day creams, serums are easily absorb to plump and deeply hydrate our skin. They also help to brighten our complexion.

3. Balms

Balms have a soothing and nourishing effect on our skin and are perfect for managing irritated, or dry skin.

4. Cleansing solutions

These solutions perfectly cleanse and prepareour skin for follow-up care

5. Foundations

Hyaluronic-acid based foundations have anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties. They also cover unsightly marks and protect skin from UV rays.

6. Peels

Exfoliating products remove dead cells from the outer layer of our skin, treat fine lines,complexion irregularities and imperfections

7. Hydrogel masks

Masks help tone our skin and provide intense hydration for a radiant complexion.


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