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Under Eye Circles

Even after a good night’s sleep, do you find that you look tired all the time? The truth of the matter is that circles under the eyes occur not only in people who do not sleep enough or lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Even in healthy people who get adequate rest, dark circles or bags under the eyes can emerge.

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Why do some people get under-eye circles?

Dark circles and “bags” under the eyes can make us look tired or older than our years.58,66

The ageing process decreases elasticity in our skin, leading to sagginess. But we also lose volume as fatty tissues start to break down over time.58,66

The delicate area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is known as the tear trough. As we get older, this area becomes thinner, deeper, darker and more noticeable with dark circles or shadows.58,66

If we’re struggling with dark shadows, hollows or “bags” under our eyes, treating this area can result in a more rested, revitalised look.58,66,89

How can HA treat under eyes circles?

Products containing HA that is particularly adapted to this challenging and fragile area can help fight dark spots and circles under our eyes.66,76,89,90,91

Treating the area under our eyes with HA may also stimulates the production of collagen leading to a higher quality of the skin I terms of hydration, elasticity and radiance.77,89

Tear through

Which HA treatments are suitable for eye circles?

Injections of specific HA under eye circle into the tear trough refreshes and rejuvenates tired looking eyes.90,92

Certain serums that contain reinforced HA of high quality can also help improve the look of tired eyes by moisturising and tightening the skin to create a smoother surface.32

How many treatments are needed to see satisfactory results?

The result of an HA under-eye circle treatment is immediately visible. The HA under the eyes is slowly eliminated over 9 to 12 months, depending on the individual.89-91,93 As the results fade with time, the treatment can be repeated and adjusted as necessary.32,89

Before and After

Eye circles.

Under eye circles - Before & After

Courtesy of Dr. Alena Pallovà (Slovakia)

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds are sometimes referred to as smile or laugh lines.65 These lines typically, curve down from the side of our nose to the corners of our mouth.42

Chin augmentation

Our chin plays an important role in the overall silhouette and symmetry of our face. Balanced and harmonious facial features are key to a beautiful appearance and self-confidence. If we have a short or stubby chin, the entire facial structure is affected.85


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